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As we all know, TikTok is now a social network inspired by music that is used by many people around the world. Regardless of age, skin color or gender … Anyone can use this social networking application to be able to share funny moments, videos. to the community as well as to the fans.

Have you ever been surfing through the videos on Tik Tok that you want to download or simply want to share on Fb, Blog for everyone to know? This is not difficult, you just need to select the menu icon and then choose to save to the device. However, they have 1 point that is the video tik tok on the phone or computer will be tagged with the logo, id of the author. This has caused a lot of trouble for users. So how can I download videos on tiktok without logo, id, or watermark ?

Do not worry, there are tools to help you download copyrighted videos as well as logos on the speed entertainment mxh here and that is exactly what: savetiki.com brings. So, what does Save Tiki tool stand out from and help users?

How to download video tiktok
How to download video tiktok

What is savetiki ?

Website savetiki.com was born based on the actual needs of hundreds of millions of people worldwide. With a simple interface, you can download instantly without the need for a 3rd unit especially without lagging.

What are savetiki strengths that other competitors in the market don’t have?

  1. No login
  2. No capcha
  3. Multi-language support
  4. Do not store video or any information of the user when downloading video.
  5. And especially they are completely free.
download tiktok videos
Download tiktok video in savetiki.com

How to use Save tiki? Is it complicated?

– Step 1: Open TikTok and click “Copy Link” of the video you are watching in interest.

– Step 2: Access savetiki.com , then paste the link and download it.

– Done! Your video will be downloaded automatically.

Towards simplicity but still fully functional, to download video to your phone, laptop without logo, copy the video link you want to download. Then visit the https://savetiki.com website and paste the link into the toolbar in the middle of the page, wait a few seconds and then press the button “download” to be able to download video on tiktok without logo.
This method also helps to download Tik Tok PC videos without installing other downloaders and especially completely free.


    • This website was born with the purpose of helping you download Tik Tok online videos for free,
    • Supporting you to download videos quickly and simply. We use advertising to maintain our website.
    • So you can assist us by disabling ad blockers on your browser.

  • Normally, the videos you download after using our service will be stored by default in the download folder of your device
  • and displayed in your photos and videos folder. If you dont see the video after downloading to your device
  • it may be because you set up your device to store the video in a different folder.

  • We never store Tik Tok videos that users download, all videos you download are stored on the server of Tik Tok application.
  • In addition, we do not track or store any user download history.
  • So you can be completely assured of the safety and privacy when using our services.
  • You have 2 options to download Tiktok videos with your Android devices, using our Tiktok Downloaders.
    • Download our Tiktok Downloader applications on PlayStore.
    • Use your mobile browser, go to Tiktok.Downloader, and follow the instructions to use Tiktok Download without watermark.